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towel folding

November 19, 2009

This post on folding towels has changed my life!! At least, the part of my life related to towel folding.


Sometimes no does mean yes

July 15, 2009

Unclutterer has a post up about a family that says ‘no’ to a bunch of afterschool activities for their kids so that they can say ‘yes’ to more family time

and another post that echoes the same sentiment of prioritizing what is important in your life.

Last night I said ‘no’ to a work happy hour (well, really, I snuck off after a vague promise to try to get there – sometimes maybe means no?) and instead went grocery shopping and then home. At the grocery store, I also passed on hanging out with some friends for a bit to watch the Sprockettes. I used that time instead to hang out with my kid, give my stay-at-home husband a little assistance on the home front, and whip up a couple of loaves of Joy of Cooking’s Fast White Bread.

I do love a good happy hour, and also wish I could socialize more with people from work that I like, but that didn’t win out over fresh (cheap, organic) bread and watching my kid get a kick out of punching down the risen dough after the first rise.