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Cool drink of water, such a sweet surprise

July 13, 2010

This cherry pie over at smitten kitchen is probably the most popular pie I ever made. My husband noted recently that I’m the kind of baker who likes to bake for other people, as opposed to myself, and it’s true, I hardly ever just whip up something for us to have at home, but at any mention of a birthday I’ll be pulling out my pans. So if it’s popular, I consider it a success.

Generally dessert to me means cake, and particularly something with chocolate, but this cherry pie is pretty darn yummy. I like to make a pretty basic crust, all butter, no margarine, similar to Martha Stewart’s, but I don’t use a pastry blender, just my hands.

I’ll make this again as soon as I get one of Shabby Apple’s new aprons, to add to my ever-growing apron collection! A girl can’t have too many aprons, right? Even if my sequined one is less than practical for wiping pie filling on to.