Spend money to save money

The more you spend, the more you save! While that may not be entirely true, I’ve found some instances in my life where I need to spend some money, even in very non-frugal ways, in order to avoid spending much more down the road.

1) Clothes shopping: If I put myself on a complete clothes-buying diet, there is eventually a point where I’m staring at my closet on the verge of tears screaming about how I have nothing to wear. Creative wardrobe remixing can help, but eventually I break down and buy a whole bunch of new clothes so that I can get out the door and go to work without a junior-high style breakdown. So spending a little along the way to keep up my closet is a worthwhile investement. If I’m constanly on the lookout for deals (anywhere from TJMaxx to yardsales to craigslist), I can snatch them up when they appear.

2) Snacks: This seems a little counter intuitve, but in order to save money on snacks, I don’t buy them in bulk or at the grocery store or make them at home. I buy them from the overpriced cafeterias or vending machines at work. This is because if I had them around in any volume at home, I’d just eat them all up as fast as I could, negating any cost savings. Hopefully this is a little better for the waistline as well. (Note: I don’t consider a carrot stick to be a snack.)


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